In an age of disposable music and computer musicians it has become difficult to find true artists who have dedicated their lives to pushing music into the next phase of sonic evolution. A highly skilled and accomplished guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and DJ/controllerist, woodrowgerber is aiming to change what he believes to be the future of electronic music.

Chad Gerber’s humble beginnings presented him with his first instrument and lessons at 6 years old on a harmonica taught to him by a local rancher. Soon after he began classical guitar lessons which he excelled at quickly, to the point where he began writing his own music. Once in high school, performing artists and bands around the US began hiring him as a guitarist for tours, studio sessions, and shows, allowing him to expand his musical palate into folk music, hip hop, rock, and gospel. While on one particular tour he was introduced to the music of The Gorillaz by one of the members of the band Mute Math. His musical trajectory was forever changed as he sat on their tour bus taking in this new sound.

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Once off the road, he began focusing on his own material which eventually lead to his permanent move to Los Angeles, California. Upon his first day in Los Angeles, he was introduced to a then rapper named Aloe Blacc who invited him to his studio to work on music. Chad immediately took him up on the offer and began recording and working with Aloe over the next few years. As his sound continued to develop through singles and underground releases, Chad continued to tour nationally and perform on the Vans Warped Tour, NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion, receive international airplay, and headline festivals and events around the US. This all lead to his first full length woodrowgerber release of In the Beginning (2013) which solidified his place as an electronic artist/producer on the rise. Shortly after he was approached by adventure docu-series Expedition Overland where they worked out a highly unprecedented collaboration featuring woodrowgerber as the official soundtrack to the series. This then led to the release of his chart topping albums XO (2014) followed by Faceless Kings (2015).

Upon completion of Faceless Kings woodrowgerber set out on his Gypsy Electronic Tour throughout Europe promoting the new record. Once back in the States he was invited to headline NAMM 2016 for Pioneer where he debuted his new single Gun Slinger, then followed that with his 2nd single of 2016, Lost Girls, which received critical acclaim and climbed to #9 on the electronic underground charts surpassing major artists including Skrillex, Zedd, and M83. Upon completion his first 360 degree music video for his single Lost Girls, woodrowgerber was asked to do a performance cameo on a Discovery Channel TV series premiering fall of 2016.
woodrowgerber’s music has additionally been heard in surf, snowboard, and films around the world. Currently he is in the studio working on a 7 track special edition EP that will release in October.