Witch Child

Influences are a wide range of every kind of music you could even think of even though on a day to day basis I enjoy Death Metal and Rap. I am not an enemy to any kind of music at all whatsoever and I have met Jack Nice a few years ago but never had the chance to get together. We are now actually trying out musicians. Witch Child will definitely shock you in our wide variety in our music genre. We now have enough material for Hermetic Records to make an album. Jack Nice of Hermetic Records has played the Dung Mummy for years with his musical electronic music and many styles of music by Shams93 and I had taken the trip and Jack Nice was asked to play 2nd and I was shocked but I got on the mic and we performed our song “Narcissist” which was our first time performing together. It was an exciting experience to not only be a part of Dung Mummy 2016 bu to perform even one song was out of this world. We are just waiting to meet new musicians and perform more. Witch Child has two songs as videos on Youtube.com