Rex Rhoads

Born Allen in Kings Park Long Island, New York. Rex Rhoads got his name from the Latin root word Rex meaning king in English, defining that he is the king of his road and since he has so many different styles of playing his guitar. He chooses to add a “s” to the end of road and a letter “h” to define that it is his lane and or road being that he is the first to add and perform in this way by adding a grungy rock n’ roll sound to a gangster style feel of production of beats.


Rex Rhoads has always been the one to stand out. He started playing guitar at the young age of 10 years old and would play his older brothers guitar that his grand mother got for him. He will soon realize that playing instruments is one of the things that will distract him from his parents divorce, witch caused him to have child hood depression. They will soon separate a couple years later, witch soon brought out a poetic side of Rhoads. This soon will open his eyes to a world of no problems and no pain once he discovers his talent in relaying his pain through melodies. That opened up a new world for him to express himself and live a happier life.