Q was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA on JUNE 6, 1989. He started writing and producing his own music by age 6, recording on a Casio keyboard and a karaoke machine. At a young age he had acquired a love affair w/ R&B music that grows stronger even to this day. With influences such as Babyface, Jermaine Dupri, Teddy Riley, and Puff Daddy, he knew exactly what he was destined to do. As his love for music grew so did his knowledge and understanding of range and pitch and his ear for music. He had become inspired by the world of music and its many different genres. While in middle school puberty hit and with it the 5th soprano member of Jodeci in his mind lost his chops. Not knowing what to do with his voice, he stopped writing but his passion for music never went away. He wasn’t a problem child but every day after school his parents would get a call stating how his singing had been disruptive to the class. Fast forward to high school when he attended Westchester Senior High and met the guys who he would later form a hip hop group with as well as a brotherhood of talented young minds.(D Hat, Richard Williams, and Mars) He was the funny guy in school so his choice of rap topics were meant to make people laugh. Freestyling about fat girls with skinny feet and Nike Sb’s was only the beginning of what would become OneNine89. Again, he found his window of opportunity to blast him back into the music spotlight. He downloaded fruity loops trial edition and started making beats for him and his crew to rap over. Needless to say everything sounded like monster music. Heavy bass, stock kicks and snares were all that were heard. Not being trained on how to play instruments, he found an alternate route to creating his own sound through sampling. He sampled all of my favorite songs from LSG to the Isley Brothers. Then one day he heard Common’s Testify. A story told with a twist in the end blew his mind. His first rap was called the Funeral. It was about a girl getting ready for her boyfriend’s funeral and the funeral ended up being his. He thought it was a dope idea while his family became concerned, thinking he wanted to kill himself. The song was good but his creativity wouldn’t let him rest without at least attempting to go further.In the 12th grade along with D hat and Champagne P they entered the high school talent show as the Get Fresh Crew.He was first known as Freshness then soon changed his moniker Q-Mac and later becoming Q, an obvious homage to Diddy or is it Puff Daddy? He had performed all his life but at that moment, being on that stage, with those guys, he felt like he had something. He quickly began making beats day in and day out. Onenine89 was formed and comprised of him and D Hat. He produced his first project front to back OneNine89 presents GOODFELLAS, a 19 song mixtape filled with classic samples with a PLAYA feel. They performed hits from their mixtape around Hollywood at places such as The Knitting Factory, The Key Club, The Roxy and The Viper Room. Goodfellas was a cult classic but lacked a certain element that hindered the group’s road to super stardom. After the project ended D Hat and Q Mac went their separate ways and Onenine89 was no more. Q Mac checked himself into college and left Hollywood behind to move to New Mexico to pursue a degree in business. It was there that he produced another project for himself which is still to this date unreleased entitled “The Ladies Man”. It featured songs w/ artist like Casey veggies and Overdoz. On September 19, 2010 Kennedy Quinn was born and Q Mac made the decision to move back home to raise his daughter and provide for his new family. He came home from college and got a 9-5 working for Bank of America, not focusing on music and trying to be a good dad. Although at the time he was making great money as a personal banker and gaining awards like top banker company wide, he couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. He left the bank and got into real estate all the while still producing his next project, winning showcase after showcase. When asked why he hasn’t released his music to the public yet? He stated, “I have just been testing out my music in front of a crowd to see what works and what doesn’t. But now the stars have aligned and I am ready to show the world what I can do.”Since then he got married to a very talented makeup artist based in Los Angeles and had 2 more kids. This year he is releasing his first solo project “Mac II Society” chronicling the life of a mac and introducing “Q” to the world. This album is a mixture of Ratchet and blues meshed together to create a beautiful marriage that everyone can vibe to. If you ask him, he is NOT a RAPPER. He is a performer. “Some know me as Mac Millie Beamen, Quintin, or Q-MAC, but I’m just Q.”