Nili Reyy

Andrew Rey Ramirez, former stage name Ounce “The Ridiculous Child”, mononymously known now as Nili Reyy, is an American hip hop artist, Radio D.J/Personality, entrepreneur, and record producer. He is currently unsigned independent recording/performing artist seeking sponsorship, and in addition to his solo work was a member of So Ridiculous Music Group. Nili Reyy was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. As a young boy, Rey had dreams of being a professional music producer or a famous rapper.

Early life Andrew Rey Ramirez was raised in a single-parent home in San Antonio, TX, Rey’s father Tony Lopez was involved in his life for a short amount of time growing up by the age of 3 years old Rey’s father left out of his life for good. Growing up many questions we’re left unanswered left with the bitterness and anger Rey began growing up to find out the truth of his father. Tony Lopez was addicted to Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and was an I.V. user of liquidized heroin. Because of the absence of his father Rey had nothing else to hold onto besides his inner Outcry of why he wasn’t loved by his dad. Celebrity Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known by his stage name Eminem was Rey’s biggest inspiration growing up,
“Listening to some of Eminem’s greatest hits like Cleanin’Out My Closet, Sing For The Moment, and Lose Yourself was my rout of escape to numb myself from the anger, hurt, guilt and pain that tormented my mind of not being wanted or loved.” – Nili Reyy

Rey marveled at the unique art of grasping all of your emotions and putting it down into a song that people can relate to. By 9 years of age Rey wrote his first song of all emotions that he ever bottled up at young age, instantaneously Rey was addicted to the craft of writing his emotions down on a sheet of paper. After writing a mass amount of lyrics he was overwhelmed with so many songs that he had no idea what to do with them. The young aspiring artist begun to call recording studios, producers, and many corporate music studio business, hoping that with every call would be his big break through into the music industry. But with every call there was a dead end road, this continued for a period of 2 years, by 11 years of age knowing the amount of money needed to record Rey knew he would never be able to step foot into a studio to record any of his lyrics. Daily he would see his single parent mother “Pearl Ramirez” struggle to raise him, so he knew that she would never be able to cover any kind of studio costs.
“I remember one day I was in my room jamming out to 98.5 The Beat brain storming on how would it ever be possible to record my own songs, I was so willing to learn but yet I had no one to teach me, hearing the sound of each song that played on my little JVC Boom-Box I studied the radio looking at all of the buttons and writings that was printed on the face of the radio, and there was a 3 letter text in red color near the tape section that stood out to me… REC. the whole time I am brain storming how can I record my voice to a song and as I see the recording acronym I get so excited and study the Boom-Box even more. I look to the corner and I see two separate inputs that read underneath “MIC, and PHONES.” I begin tearing apart my room looking for a Tape, a pair of headphones and something I can possibly use for a microphone after my long search, I find two tapes, two headphones, and a CD of Instrumentals my friend from school burned for me. I sat down and began to think on how I can make something happen with the little that I have. My first attempt was plugging in my 1ST Pair of headphones into the microphone input, quickly turned up the microphone volume and to my surprise I heard my voice when speaking into the earpieces of the headphones. Immediately after, I began to hear a loud screeching sound getting louder and amplifying in sound. My first reaction was to pull the headphones right out of the boom-box and it stopped, my first thoughts where did I really just use my headphones as a microphone. I was astonished at the fact that I heard my voice, so I plugged in my second pair of headphones at the same time. Moments after I played my CD of Instrumentals popped in my Tape Cassette pressed the record button and that’s where it all begun where I learned the basics of making music. – Nili Reyy

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After Rey learned the basics of Audio Production he began to create more songs and started trying to imitate the styles of other Hip Hop Artists that were heard on mainstream radio. Really quickly during the rising Hip Hop era Rey began looking up to Eminem, Tupac, Chamillionair, Paul Wall, S.P.M (South Park Mexican), and Jay-Z for identity of who he was as an individual. Rey had a desire to be known as his idols were, by a name something that uniquely identified who he was by his talent. In that time of searching for identity, he tried so many names that he so desperately wanted to suite him, Lil Loki, SID, and T.R.S. (True Rhyme Stylist) names were what Rey tried going by but none of them ever fit him SID was a nickname that he was stuck with because all of his friends would title him that in school. As middle school came along more questions and hatred populated in his heart because of his dad, torn between the past broken relationships his mother had that never worked out and all of the father figures who were in and out of his life Rey begun to act out as a misfit in school. Cussing at teachers, skipping classes, and lashing out with complete anger. Rey couldn’t find any other way to release this anger that was held with-in his heart his only escape from reality was his music. Getting lost in the world of Hip Hop/Rap Music Rey was enraptured in the craft of creating, but something was still lacking a deep void with an inner outcry was burning within Rey’s Heart.

Growing up in the streets of San Antonio was a big influence for Rey, adapting to his environment Rey found a new identity in the world’s eyes as his former stage name “Ounce”. Nili Reyy Former stage name; Ounce (Nili Reyy) possessed the talent and musical passion to turn heads in the music industry with his charisma, astounding studio resume, and his street credibility all obtained at such a young age. Although early on Ounce was often doubted as an emcee, the period after his middle school years played a major role in Ounce’s musical development, which would ultimately lead to a career pursuing his passion.
I started recording music as a secular artist, torn between a making music for the Lord;I wanted to be mainstream so I transitioned into commercial distribution music. At the age of 14 I performed in talent shows, clubs, and bars all across San Antonio, Texas. Being young in the club was my biggest way of growing exposer for my created identity. – Nili Reyy

During the duration of 2 years Rey created a buzz with his former label So Ridiculous Productions and 3rd Eye Music Group with Local San Antonio Artist King Kaize of Kaize Mind Productions, Kaize was more than a business partner, Kaize played a major roll-in Rey’s life from 11 years of age on up. During the duration of time growing up with Kaize, Rey was quickly influenced by the versatile genre that Kaize began to embrace. This was Rey’s forming process of becoming an Artist Rey and Kaize learned a lot from one another and as time continued there was a strong bond between the two Artist’s that was impossible to break. As dedicated as Rey was to his music he persued his passion with Kaize of 3rd Eye Music to gain recognition from his city.

My mindset was I’m going to live music, breath music, and be music. – Nili Reyy

Rey began recording other local underground artists while growing connections within the music business and being scouted by A&R’s in the music industry at the same time. Some of the awards obtained during his music career are as follows:


· 2008: Rudder Middle School 3rd Annual Talent Show: 1st Place.

· 2011: San Antonio Our Part of Town [District 7] Talent Competition: 2nd Place (Sponsored by Time Warner Cable & SA Parks and Recreation).

· 2012: San Antonio Our Part of Town [District 7] Talent Competition: 3rd Place (Sponsored by Time Warner Cable & SA Parks and Recreation).

· 2012: D.W.E. Records World Wide Talent Tour: 1st Place.

Ounce (Nili Reyy) was at the tip of his music career before he would of continued mainstream but that’s when Ounce decided to make a big move to Twin Falls, Idaho Magic Valley area, for a period of 2 years Rey decided to take a step away from the lifestyle of music. When Rey felt it was the right time he slowly transitioned into a new stage name of “Nili Reyy” with the same alter Ego of “The Ridiculous Child”. Now Nili Reyy is currently working on his Newest Album Project, “STAY MOTIVATED” dedicated to part of his struggle growing up in the music industry. There is not a specified release date but stay connected with what’s to come
This new album project that I am working on is a reflection of all of the non-sense I have been through over the period of 2005 to 2015. This is my first solo album so this album means a lot to me and I hope this album really is able to reach to others through my experience of what I have endured . I dedicate this new album to all of the Fans and Family who have made me who I am today and most of all I dedicate this project to my 2 beautiful children that are the songs to my soul. Until the album drops Stay Motivated until the day arrives! – Nili Reyy