Merlot Embargo

Hailing from Los Angeles, indie pop duo Merlot Embargo blurs the line between classic and modern, with songs rooted in the open road, Americana and the trials and joys of life.
​Don’t Look Back was born of a years-long songwriting project undertaken in 2014. After walking away from an automobile accident that should have been fatal, songwriter/producer (and husband/wife) Scarlet and Geoff felt compelled to create.
The album thankfully does not try to be like any other piece of art in its genre. Though Merlot Embargo employs indie-pop overtones within their album, it only takes one listen to discover that there are many other driving forces at work.

Blues-style blasts of sweeping guitar chords, driving drums, and multi-layered strings adorn tracks like “We All Fall Down,” “How To Survive An Apocalypse,” and “Storms,” providing the album with an epic, grand atmosphere. Tracks like “In The End” and “All Who Are Lost” are replete with beautiful melodies and heart-felt lyrics, taking the listener beyond the music and into the life of the artist.

Since 2009, the members of Merlot Embargo have released music under various other projects, including the bands The Jingle Boys, Johnny Hi-Fi and High Watermark. In forming Merlot Embargo and creating Don’t Look Back, the band has refined their tastes and song-craft into a unified message which speaks with a clear, if dynamic, voice.

Merlot Embargo performs locally in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California. If you get a chance to see them live, do it; you won’t look back.