L.A. Wells

L.A. Wells has been in the music scene since he was 12 years old, started off by playing guitar and moving forward from then on, experimenting with bands in various music styles form heavy metal to old school rap. Born and raised in Los Angeles California, L.A. Wells is now focusing on Hip Hop, and has released his latest single High Life which is a follow up to his last E.P, “The Journey Ahead” which showcases a blend of live instrumentation and old school feel with a modern touch.
L.A. Wells take a serious approach to the musical and artistic sides of their sound, and are interested in taking their songwriting into new territory. L.A. Wells succeeds without a doubt on all those levels. Here we have great organic elements fully integrated into his intelligent hip hop sounds.

Truly forward-thinking recording and it’s not just about the music, as L.A. Wells drops some thought provoking rhymes too. His flow and rhyme scheme is also extremely impacting and makes for an interesting listen. You can tell throughout the recording that he is able to express himself artistically in exactly the way that he wanted to as his style is almost always relaxed and focused .

It won’t take you long to realize that he is a talented individual who effortlessly refreshes Hip-Hop’s stale, massively clichéd, mostly commercial state.