Jerry J – California Flight Project

History has it Jerry J Johnson singer songwriter has have his hands on this classic soul funk jazz vessel and have turn this vessel into a major funk classic.

The great funk George Clinton calls him the NEW funk master. Harvey Fuqua the legendary doo woop soul crooner ,music producer and songwriter in the Pop Soul category discovered Jerry J Johnson in the early 80’s and called him a songwriters GEM of a classic melodic soul songwriters dream lyricist. Universal Music Italy Strategic Publishing heard of him once and sign him to their department. Pacific Coast Jazz Records Donna Nicolas said He Jerry J, can sang very well !

Famous Music Groups/Fontana Records Inc/Universal Music Groups Distribution Promotional ! Stated; He Jerry J California Flight Project is possibly one of the greatest soul funk jazz songwriters an the best kept secret in all of music history business . And base upon his recent success music releases and success as a songwriter along his music journey back he’s bless by God almighty from long hiatus and sabbatical from the music industry. Were honored to have him under the umbrella of Universal Music Groups Strategical Publishing.

PPU Records calls him the Classic of Class soul funk pioneers.
Their are truly well over hundreds of million sites about California Flight Project.
But non fits best then the song that got them their through the grace of God Almighty. That song is their theme song: California Flight. 1st Class everything is history from there.

They will take you for a ride on an incredible journey on California Flight Project with their Grammy singer songwriter Jerry J Johnson aka Bobelli.