Frankie Sparkman

Frankie Sparkman (singer songwriter) and Wes Hornung started working together in 2005 in a rock/punk band called Cardiac Black. Cardiac Black played numerous venues in Hollywood and all over So Cal from 2005 ’till late 2009. Frankie and Wes decided to branch off and start a project, with Frankie writing both the songs and the lyrics. They received a recommendation from a good friend, in The Sleeping Sea King, and then had the opportunity to record with Paul Miner. Paul has recorded many other successful bands like Thrice, New Found Glory, Atreyu, Death By Stereo and Lisa Lobe 🙂 What time means was the first song Wes and Frankie decided to record. Early 2013 Braden Ferguson joined the ever evolving project. Contributing bass lines on four more songs for the debut album Daylight which was released March 2014. You can Find Sparkman on Pandora,Spotify, xbox Music, iTunes, amazon and countless other online music hosting sites. Sparkman has an amazing tight and powerful live show.

Make it a point to check these So Cal locals out when you have the chance.
Sparkman has many shows and videos coming soon.


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