FIRE – The band that has been creating buzz around Los Angeles & Hollywood is now getting coverage for more than just their music. Storms across across Southern California have created problems for some residents. Including the singer of the band FIRE who is currently in the studio with Grammy award winning producer Val Garay recording their new record set to release Spring 2017.

Wednesday, January 11th, the singer Brett Copeland and his wife Adria’s foundation of their house cracked and broke. A 9,000 pound chunk of concert from the foundation and retaining wall slide down the hillside on which their house sat in Laurel Canyon.

Their house has been red tagged and they were given 15 minutes to take what they could carry. They have lost thier furniture, appliances, computers, music equipment, and all their cherished personal belongings. Their wedding photos, books, pillows, bed, television, washer/dryer, patio furniture, rugs, dressers, plants, gifts, food, everyday things we all take for granted.