Fighting Sides

Debuting in early 2015 out of the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Fighting Sides [RIYL Sum 41, Story of the Year, Blink 182] has quickly risen to prominence thanks to their unique blend of pop punk and rock. With catchy melodies over powerful drums and distorted guitars, Fighting Sides is bringing a memorable, energetic live show to every city they play. Consisting of members Robbie Hiser on vocals and guitar, Alex Downtain on guitar, Sheppard Martin on drums and Charlie on bass, they quickly rose to prominence in the Atlanta music scene.

Fighting Sides released their first demo, called Demo MMXV, in May of 2015, returning to the studio in December 2015 to record their next release. They worked with Jason Andrews (Go Radio, Holiday Parade) at Spotlight Sound Studio in Alpharetta, GA. The EP was then mixed and mastered by Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Basement) of The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA. The EP, titled Haven’t Scored Yet, was released on March 18th, 2016, to a packed house in their hometown of Atlanta. Shortly after, the band relocated to Los Angeles, CA to expand their horizons. Over the summer, Fighting Sides will be playing shows across the West Coast while they prepare to enter the studio again in fall of 2016.

Focused on traditional punk-rock ideals of anti-authority and individualism, Fighting Sides sends a strong message they hope to convey through music, the band states, “In the end, no one can dictate the outcome of your life besides yourself. Are you going to live your life free and become a truly unique person, or are you going to live in the shadow of someone else?”

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