Music is Magical…

In a world where music sings you into dance and song transcends into stories of pure heart…we discover… D.v.o

D.v.o originated from a desire to bring back storytelling to music. The music of D.v.o is an experience – a journey through a world of fantasy. But this fantasy began with a real life story.

D.v.o’s songs are about life – the mental, physical, and spiritual realms. The music creates fairy tale to which serves as a metaphor for life and all its struggles and triumphs. Before D.v.o began, he was Deshawn Davo. As a wild kid with crazy dreams, people always told him he was going to be something “big” as he creatively thrived in a magical place rooted in song and dance.

Visually and sonically, D.v.o artistry is meant to feed the senses and inspire the imagination. Two of D.v.o’s creative influences are Walt Disney and Tim Burton. Both individuals defied the odds and surged beyond themselves to create masterful worlds we will always love and appreciate. They persevered and strongly carried forward their creative drive, and they will forever be an inspiration to D.v.o’s craft.

Other’s music inspired D.v.o to significant degree. He was inspired by many artists but some of his all-time favorites are Brandy, Justin Timberlake, Beethoven, Mozart, Andre Bocelli, and, of course, the King – Michael Jackson. D.v.o learned to dance watching Michael and Janet. His love for music and dance blended with strong creative energy. Soon, D.v.o was cultivating passions for choreography, writing, and singing. While other kids were playing in the streets outside, D.v.o would write songs and choreograph dance routines. Soon people encouraged D.v.o to share his love and talents with others. And thus, D.v.o was born.

Driven to Victory by Originality – D.v.o. His mission is to inspire and uplift and many people as possible with a sound that was born out of a dream – a sound fittingly dubbed “fantasy pop.” Without a doubt, this vision would not be possible without the support and creativity of producer Matthew A. Nelson, who has partnered with D.v.o to make this inspiring music available to the world!