Derrick Mitchell

Derrick Mitchell is a recording artist,songwriter,musician,producer, and brand who displays himself as the new voice of the Westcoast. His witty wordplay sets him apart from the rest in Hip Hop music. Always thinking outside of the box when he creates a song, he is sure to make more noise. With tracks like “Ambition On My Side”, “Wrong Places”,and “Victorious”,he is beginning to make a name for himself. Representing Los Angeles,California, Derrick started creating music at the age of 16. As soon as he started rehearsing his lyrics in the classrooms at school, he quickly knew he wanted a career in music.He began freestyling with his friends at local parties and people knew he had talent. From this point he began working on his debut mixtape series, State Of Mind.During this time, D.M began to face adversity when he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. He sold drugs and soon after, was charged with grand-theft. He spent a short time in jail. Derrick Mitchell’s parents did not like what was going on in his life so he was then kicked out of his parents house where he was on the streets and sleeping in his car. Those were the dark times. Struggling to get money, he began songwriting for other artists. The money he made, he used to record and finish up his mixtape series while at the time, performing all over Southern California. During this time, he was living from place to place with friends and other family members.


After he saved up his money, from songwriting and other odd jobs, he got his own place to stay. He went on to release three mixtapes under the State of Mind theme.He continued performing all over Southern California where he continued growing his fan base. He has continued to collaborate and songwrite for other artists based in other genres as well. He has written; Pop,R&B,Rock,Country, and Gospel songs.In 2009, he decided to register his songs with B.M.I publishing.Getting notoriety through that avenue, he began to grow his clientele. He continues to work on that these days as well.

In 2010, Derrick started working on his clothing brand. Its self-titled, Derrick Mitchell. His clothing is based on his lifestyle and apparel that he would wear.He has a dark style so you will see that displayed in his music and fashion. Right now, his clothing and merchandise continues to grow. He designs every himself and he also ships his own merchandise sometimes as well.

Now with a driven mentality, D.M continues to take on the world by sharing his art.Derrick Mitchell’s music is based on the streets and the people who are part of his life. He also reflects alot on his past events in his own life with story telling. If you are interested in music with heart, Derrick Mitchell is the artist to listen to. D.M is looking like the future. Get FRESSSHH!!


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