Dante Juhkel

Take the suburbs of South Jersey, a household of music, and the soulful artistic/musical influence of Philly right in your backyard and you have the perfect environment for a musical genius to grow.
By being surrounded by so much creativity at young age, Dante began to find his own creative niche when he got involved with his local church and school choirs. Entertaining people is something Dante quickly fell in love with.
Pretty soon he started to develop his own sound from his deep influences in R&B, hip-hop, alternative rock, and funk. In the midst of growing as an artist, Dante really started to take things into his own hands by his freshman year of high school. He found some like-minded people and organized a music group that would perform at school dances, talent shows, battle of the bands, etc. After countless mixtapes, remixes, and shows he began to fill south jersey with a brand new sound.
After high school Dante continued his formal education in music production at Full Sail University in Florida. Leaving the comforts of the South Jersey music scene was tough but he had to follow his heart and take time to invest in himself and his career.
Once he got home he hit the local scene hard and soon was performing everywhere on both sides of the bridge. While further continuing an education in music production and engineering at The Recording Connection in Philadelphia, PA, he also began to expand with his home team “Stay Gold Productions”. Dante continues to unify local artists in the area to come together for the greater purpose; making great music and having a community that motivates and supports each other creatively.
Today he continues as an independent artist, producer, engineer, and entrepreneur. The talent he possesses is undeniable, as you will see when you begin to listen to his work.