D. Hardy

D. Hardy a local artist out of Fresno, CA here to present the WORLD to the W.I.N lifestyle because Winning Is Necessary! Born out in LA, moved out to Fresno some years ago and started making music just to express self. Always had business aspirations so during those years of making music I was also strategizing a way to turn what I enjoyed doing into and business or brand that would represent what myself and others I associated with did on the daily to the fullest. The W.I.N Company is the brand which we live by which is more than just music. We have a clothing line which is a anchor of the entire collective, allowing people like ourselves to express to the world that they W.I.N as well whether you’re at home relaxing amongst peers or out and about in the city. We also have another branch which we plan to begin in the future which will bring life and meaning to the brand which is to start media production showcasing sports talent within the city to help our local athletes gain exposure and potentially enhance their opportunities to get where the want to be. As of right now the branch that we our tuned in too is our Music.
As far as our music, we have taken pride and doing everything ourselves and cutting the middleman out. The collective consist of musicians/engineers/beat makers/videographers/designers etc. also trying to W.I.N and come up in the city as well.

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