Our name is ATM, an acronym standing for Alex, Trey, and Maxx. We’re a group of musicians from the Hanford and Lemoore area within the central valley of California. We’ve recently been relocating into the LA area.

Our style of music is Hip-Hop/Rap. Our music has a very bouncy, futuristic, but a modern twist to it. Therefore in the result, we provide a very entertaining experience for our audience.

We present you, our energetic single, ‘Deebo’:

(A. Cantu, T. Williams, M. Evans)

Performed by ATM
Produced by Maxxwel Evans
Mixed, Mastered, Engineered by Maxxwel Evans
Creative Direction & A&R by ATM

Our Website:

Twitter: @TheOfficialATM3
Facebook Page: TheOfficialATM3
Instagram: @TheOfficialATM3
Snapchat: @TheOfficialATM3
Soundcloud: TheOfficialATM3