Ace I Am

Chicago has been getting a lot of recognition as the Midwest
powerhouse new sounds and crazy slang from its musical talents. A city
known for its vast spreads of culture from fashion to music and
constantly influencing the rest of the World. Ace Iam is known for his
Heart pumping energy and diverse styles of music from southern trill
music to conscious messages through sound. Ace Iam has personality
that will light up the room and his music just makes you want to get
up and move. Ace I am is also a community activist and artist on many
levels in Chicago. Being head of his clothing brand Herblife
Collective, also being owner of a Coop Farm for people to come and get
fresh produce. Through this he seeks to bring people together through
his creative abilities with connecting people, his workings, and his

Two Singles

Shooting Star – Ace Iam

Gucci Clones – Ace Iam