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You come to Los Angeles looking for fun things to do and to have a great time. Many of us are music lovers and enjoy the local music scene. New Music In Los Angeles is a website for you to discover new artist, bands and events in the local Los Angeles area.

You won’t find any scathing reviews or 1 out of 5 rankings on New Music In Los Angeles because we aren’t interested in telling you what you should listen to. We all have different taste in music and enjoy different things.

Los Angeles is filled with so many talented Artist and Bands that are ignored by the main stream media. We are here to shed some light in the local scene, we hope you discover some great artist and bands and show them some love.

New Music In Los Angeles is made for Artist by Artist. We know how hard it is for local Artist and Bands to get any type of exposure in Los Angeles, and we are here to help out and open them for the world to see.
We hope you discover some great local music from Los Angeles.

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L.A. Wells